Camera / video / vision / bus technology

Harnessed special cables for video technology
readycable® cables for camera / video / vision / bus technology are harnessed special cables for energy chains. The data cables are tested in e-chains® with many millions of cycles. There are FireWire cables, USB cables, Gig-E cables, graded index fibre optic cables and coaxial cables to choose from. The special cables have various approvals and conformities: UL, CE, CSA, or Desina This flexible cable is also available in a flame-retardant and oil-resistant option. Depending on the type, the special cable is resistant to hydrolysis and microbes and can be used at high speeds and accelerations.
  • Oil-resistant and resilient
  • Smallest bend radii down to 12.5 x d



Core Requirements

Number of products: 155

TPE-Busleitung | FireWire, Connector A: Socket A with clip, Conne …
Bus cable | USB 2.0, TPE, connector A: USB 2.0 Type A, open end
Bus cable | USB 3.0, PVC, connector A: USB 3.0 type A, open end, …
Bus cable | USB 3.0, PUR, connector A: USB 3.0 type A, open end, …
TPE-Bus cable | GigE, Connector A: Yamaichi RJ45 metal, Connector …
PUR-Busleitung | GigE, torsion, Connector A: Yamaichi RJ45 metal, …
PVC Fibre optic cable | Glass fibre, connector ST both-sided
TPE Fibre optic cable (FOC) | Glass fibre, connector A: ST, conne …
TPE Fibre optic cable, twistable, connector A: ST, connector B: L …
TPE Coax cable | CFKoax 50 Ω
TPE Coax cable | CFKoax 75 Ω
TPE-Buscable | DVI-D/HDMI, Connector A: Pin DVI-D, Connector B: P …
Harnessed CAT6 Cables, TPE, Connector A: Metz RJ45 E-DAT IP67, Co …
Harnessed CAT5e Cables, iguPUR, connector A: Harting RJ45, connec …
Harnessed CAT7 Cables, PUR torsion, Connector A: Dätwyler Modul P …


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