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Reliable energy supply and maintenance-free plain bearings for stage technology

Technology for the stage needs to be robust, safe, and lightweight and operate as quietly, reliably, and unobtrusively as possible. Ideally, it will be easy to assemble and not require any maintenance or repair work. Our energy supply systems and lubrication-free bearing technology made of high-performance plastic offer cost-effective solutions that meet these requirements and have proven themselves over many years. Our products are used in moving AV technology (sound, video, lighting, and camera technology) applications in which a wide variety of media have to be guided. They are also used in stage platforms, the cable winches of upper stage machinery, and moving lights. Cutting-edge manufacturing technology also allows us to produce customised special parts – no minimum order quantity –and thus adapt perfectly to your special requirements.

Areas of use

Stage machinery

Products for moving lighting hoists, portal towers, stage platforms, and more
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Stage lighting

Maintenance-free bearing technology and quiet e-chains for spotlights, lasers, and other light effect devices
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Our Top 3 stage technology products

1. Cable drum for e-chains – no slip ring

The e-spool supplies moving stage technology with various media without interruption. The system is used for stage podiums, mobile lighting hoists, and video cubes. The inserted cables are routed through a twisterband so that no slip ring is required, providing a special advantage for transferring data. The length of the reeled-up energy chain is adjusted with a retraction spring for strokes of up to 15 metres and with a motor for strokes of up to 25 metres and more. Placed on the fly walk, in false ceilings above the auditorium, or in the understage area, the system works unobtrusively outside of the audience's field of vision.
  • Guide different media in one system: electricity... data... fibre optics...
  • Energy chain can be deflected for a variety of uses
  • Quiet and low-vibration
  • Add or replace cables easily
  • Upon request completely harnessed with cables and connectors
  • Manufactured according to the DIN EN 17206 standard and DGUV principle 315-390
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2. Zig-zag system

As an alternative to the e-spool, we offer the zig-zag system – our classic that has proven itself on the stage for many years (at the Royal Opera in London since 1998, for example). With this space-saving system, different media can be guided together without interruption and with no slip rings. The energy chain unfolds during the stage machinery's vertical movement. For upper stage machinery, the zig-zag box is mounted on the tie rod or truss; in understage machinery, it is mounted on the floor below the podium.
  • Quiet and low-vibration
  • No tensile strain on the cables
  • Add or replace cables easily
  • Guide different media in one system: electricity... data... fibre optics...
  • In projects with travels of up to 40m and more
Available as a standard complete system with travels of up to 15 metres:
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Zig-zag system

NEW: Low-cost variant without guide box

[Design study]
Around 50% less weight and cost than with the standard version
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3. Two-component heavy-duty plain bearing

Our iglidur Q3E multi-component bearings are the right choice for very high loads such as those in stage lift scissor joints.
  • High mechanical load capacity with low wear
  • Cost-effective due to injection moulding
  • Lubrication-free dry operation
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iglidur Q3E
Plain bearings in the stage podium

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NEW: Microphone Motor Reeler, 30 metres [design study]

  • Uninterrupted audio transmission without slip ring
  • Cables can be replaced easily
  • Easy, space-saving installation, no additional load-bearing element necessary
  • No manual work at height
  • Manufactured according to DIN EN 17206 and DGUV Principle 315-390
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Stage technology trade show stand

Did you miss the last theatre technology trade show? We have the solution. Just visit our stage technology trade show stand in Cologne online. Or arrange a virtual tour of the trade show stand with us here.

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Successfully in use by our customers

GES-2 auditorium in Moscow

Cable guidance for multimedia installation in the GES-2 auditorium

Safely moving state-of-the-art equipment in this modern event hall in a prestigious area of Moscow. To ensure that the complex, specific cabling can be safely moved over long travels to the hall ceiling, a plastic energy chain that is wound and unwound on an e-spool compact is used.
Hungexpo multi-purpose hall in Budapest

e-chains and cables for flexible seated podiums in Budapest's multi-purpose hall

The Hungexpo multi-purpose hall in Budapest is a huge auditorium with rows of seats on 43 platforms that can move flexibly. For the complex guidance of the many cables, those responsible brought the igus project team on board and use our E4 and E2 e-chains and chainflex control, data, and bus cables.
Customer stage technology applications

... and more success stories

We have been able to help many customers improve the movement of their event technology. Browse through our customer projects that use our energy chain systems, flexible cables, and plain bearings: moving seating and stage podiums, stage sets, acoustic and lighting systems, camera robots, and complex multimedia installations. 
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Tested for use in the test laboratory

All products are tested for wear and load capacity under real-life conditions in the igus test laboratory, the largest in the industry. The results are integrated into our service life calculation tools and allow precise durability predictions.

Upon request, igus performs customer tests to check product use under specific conditions.

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