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igus® solutions for
the food industry

Food industry

High-performance plastics made of FDA-compliant components for the food industry

In order to comply with the strict requirements for food hygiene and food safety in all stages of a process, igus® supplies you with plastic solutions for your food-processing machines and equipment. As these machine components have been specially developed for moving applications and do not require any lubrication, product contamination is ruled out completely.

Your benefits at a glance:

FDA-compliant plastics and certification to EU regulation 10/2011

No lubrication, no product contamination

Temperature resistance


Low humidity absorption

Chemical resistance, acid resistance, resistance to alkaline and alcoholic cleaning agents


High wear resistance

iglidur® knife edge rollers in materials handling technology

Packaging industry sample box  

Free sample box for the food industry!

Convince yourself of the quality of our products, which improve the performance of your equipment and, at the same time, reduce costs.

Suitable products for food machines

iglidur® A181 plain bearings

iglidur® A181 plain bearings  

Compliant with FDA and EU regulations

Good media-resistance

Universal installation

iglidur® A350 bar stock

iglidur® A350 bar stock  


For use with temperatures up to +180 °C

Lubrication and maintenance-free

iglidur® A160 liner

iglidur® A160 liner  

Low coefficients of friction

High wear resistance


Knife edge rollers

Knife edge rollers  

High wear resistance

Long service life


igubal® flange bearing

igbubal® flange bearing  



Easy installation

Linear modules SLW

Linear modules SLW  

Stainless-steel version and corrosion-free


Clean & hygienic

Use of igus® products in the food industry

Application examples of our customers

Fully automatic multihead weighers

FDA-compliance and without any lubrication

iglidur® plain bearings and drylin® R linear guides are used in multihead weighers of the company Atoma GmbH. The components used are lubrication-free and insensitive to very thorough cleaning processes in food production.
Atoma GmbH

Waffle baking machines

Stability and long service life

The company Walterwerk has been relying on lubrication-free bearing technology from igus® for many years. It is suitable for use in adverse ambient conditions, where machines are regular cleaned with aggressive media.
Walterwerk Kiel GmbH & Co. KG

Sausage cutting machine

Reduce maintenance intervals and lower costs

drylin® linear guides, trapezoidal lead screws and igubal® flange bearings from igus® are used extremely precisely in sausage cutting machines of Singer & Sohn and, in contrast to needle bearings, are characterised by robustness, ease of cleaning and resistance to chemicals.
Singer & Sohn GmbH

Cutting machines

Successful cooperation for more than 20 years

In cutting machines of the company Treif, speed and acceleration play an important role. Corrosion-resistant drylin® linear beings and drylin® shafts are used.
Treif Maschinenbau GmbH

Tested for media-resistance

Media-resistance test

Media-resistance test In this test, several iglidur® plain bearings are tested in water with a temperature of 50°C as well as in cleaning agents.


Glimpse into the dry-tech® test laboratory iglidur® bearings and drylin® linear technology are tested in the industry's largest laboratory.

White paper: Kolsterising and tribo polymers  

White paper: Kolsterising and tribo polymers

Increased resistance to wear and corrosion for the packaging machines

Specifically in an industry reliant on quick, precise processing under hygienic and cost-effective conditions, the combination of kolsterising and high-grade plastics is expected to become the standard.

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