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igus® lubrication-freer and maintenance-free solutions for motorbikes & scooters

Find out how you can reduce weight, installation space and costs with robust iglidur® bearings Compared to other metal types of bearing, performance can be improved by up to a factor of 10 (e.g. cylinder eyebolts in shock absorbers).
Tested thousands of times - proven in millions of applications



Thin-walled and space-saving


Extremely strong and wear-resistant



Application examples


This motorcycle is usually to be found driving off the beaten track.


Motorbike front forks

The needle bearings previously used had to be serviced or replaced every few years.

Motorbike front forks    

Indian rickshaw

iglidur® offers numerous innovations for rickshaws.

Indian rickshaw    

Electric scooter

Lightweight components are particularly important here to ensure as little energy as possible is required for movement.

Electric scooter    
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