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Energy supply systems for shore power supply in ports

Shore power, also known as cold ironing, is becoming increasingly important. More and more ports are facing growing environmental awareness among the population. Stricter guidelines are forcing them to use more environmentally friendly technologies. Our customised energy supply systems for providing vessels at berth with shore power are the solution to reduce air pollution, noise and vibration. An international standard ensures that various types of ships can be supplied with shore power in different ports around the world. IEC 80005-1 defines the standard for medium-voltage connections and IEC 80005-3 for supply of low-voltage connections.

Shore power application examples

Shore power connections

3,000 shore power connections per year

The Mongstad offshore base is one of the most frequently used bases in Norway. The shore power e-spool makes sure that the vessels that change twice a day are reliably supplied with shore power. Integrated in a 10-foot container, it can be positioned as desired.
Container terminal

Shore power cable management system for FSU in Bahrain

For the new offshore LNG terminal in Bahrain, Schneider Electric and igus® have developed the world's first shore-side power supply system for a Floating Storage Unit (FSU). Its core component is a flexible cable feed system between the landing stage and the FSU.
igus shore power gangway for Becker Marine Systems

Shore power gangway for Becker Marine Systems

"Hummel", the floating liquefied gas power plant from Becker Marine Systems, supplies cruise ships in the port with energy. The igus® shore power gangway, which serves both as a cable feed system and as a passenger gangway, connects the barge with the quay and guides cables with connectors.

Use at container terminals

The handling capacity at the quay wall determines whether the terminal is profitable. With daily arrivals and departures, flexible planning of the ships' berthing positions is therefore absolutely essential.

As the cable management system on board the vessel can be located in various places and the maximum extension length is limited (35-55m), stationary shore power connections on the quay restrict the connection area. The igus mobile SPO technology, offers flexibility for your terminal and helps you save costs.
Container terminal

Mobile shore power outlet for container terminals

Tech up, cost down - finally, a solution to align your shore power to your ships and not the ships to your shore power. Connect every ship at any location along the entire berth with a single self-propelled socket. Get full flexibility while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Learn more about the system by joining our industry expert for a live demonstration at our testing site.
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Solutions for shore power supply on board

For container shipping, the IEC 80005-1 standard states that the cable feed system be installed on the ship. Container ships sail on all the world's seas and withstand wind and weather under extremely tough conditions.
The cable guidance system is carried on board, either as a semi-mobile system in a 40‘HC container in a container space near the stern of the ship, or as a permanently installed system usually located amidships depending on the position of the engine room.The igus e-spool offers the necessary specifications, is flexible to use and requires little maintenance.
Container ship

e-spool shore power

Innovative energy supply technology

The e-spool shore power is a motorised cable drum equipped with a twisterchain module instead of a slip ring to enable a continuous cable course throughout the system. It is low-maintenance and easy to inspect as it contains fewer vulnerable electrical components and is resistant to seawater, cold, heat and vibrations.
The e-spool shore power offers direct, uninterrupted cable guide system from the control cabinet to the connector, and is ideal for demanding weather conditions.
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Our system solutions for shore power supply

e-chain reel

e-chain reel

  • Flexibility for existing and new shore power connections
  • Protected cable guidance
  • Increases safety and durability
e-spool shore power

e-spool shore power

  • Slip ring-free system
  • Resistance to seawater, cold, heat and vibrations
  • Low-maintenance and inspection-friendly
e-spool® shore power

Long travels for mobile SPO

Travels of 450m or more possible

Proven technology, longer service life, cost-efficient

Modular design


e-dispenser for shore-power supply

  • Modular and compact system
  • Time-saving, partially automated connection of the power supply
  • No exhaust gases, no noise, high degree of safety
Shore power connection for LNG Power Barge

Offshore Chain

  • Durable, robust, but still flexible
  • Optimised for installation, inspection and maintenance
  • Resistant to corrosion, seawater, oil and UV radiation
Modular e-loop energy chain system

Modular e-loop energy chain system

  • Can be opened and closed as required
  • All parts are individually replaceable
  • Simple maintenance

Special requirements in offshore and LNG areas

Offshore terminals and ships place high demands on the flexibility and reliability of energy chain solutions, especially in combination with extreme weather conditions and changing berthing positions. LNG terminals, on the other hand, require robust and low-maintenance shore power supply systems that can cope with the challenges of long distances, harsh environmental conditions and constant operational readiness, for which the OSC energy supply system is ideal. Both areas need systems that can compensate for movements due to tides, wind and waves and implement emergency mechanisms. Such a system can also be found in our user report on the FSU in Bahrain.

offshore chain

Innovative energy supply technology

The OSC offshore chain is a robust and flexible energy chain that has been specifically developed for use in extreme conditions. It combines the advantages of a plastic energy chain with a high-strength pull rope, and its modular design can be customised to suit the project in question.

It is ideal for offshore terminals and ships that require a high degree of flexibility and reliability, as well as for LNG terminals that depend on robust and low-maintenance solutions for shore power supply.
More information about the offshore chain

Where is shore power used?

As an environmentally friendly alternative to supplying power to ships in the port, shore power is a decisive factor in reducing the environmental impact on the port area. The regulation issued by the European Union, which requires shore power in most cases, makes the challenge for port operators even more important. This leads to pressure to provide functional solutions at the quayside, which will increase in the coming years.

Cold ironing will therefore be mandatory at all major EU ports in future, affecting not only cargo vessels but also cruise ships. The requirements for the application differ in terms of the length of idle time, the need for flexible connections and also the type of power supply, particularly with regard to voltage and plug-in connections. igus offers various systems that meet the requirements of port operators and specifications of cable feed systems on board ships. 


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